Wendy Hale

Wendy Hale

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Wendy has studied healing in many different forms. She began her study of the body and energetic healing in 1996 which lead to her Mastery training in Self Awareness which she continues to study and teach today. Her desire to bring her physical body into her spiritual practice lead her to the discovery and study of yoga.
Her Yoga training includes the study of Ayurveda, Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga, Pranayama, and of the Energetic Systems of the Body. Wendy is also a Certified Kids Yoga Teacher.

As a yoga teacher, she combines and honors the wisdom from all forms of her studies.
Wendy’s classes are focused on connection with the total Self, using breath and inner focus. Students are encouraged to explore with a light heart, to bring awareness of what might be unknown and ultimately to find the joy of connection through their practice.

Class Description:
My classes have a flowing, lighthearted and breath centered focus, with exploration on variations of traditional poses and sequences to build flexibility, heat and strength and most importantly, to find joy and freedom in that exploration.
Classes begin and end with brief meditations and pranayama to breathe life and bring connection into our bodies.

Students are encouraged to do what is right for their bodies in every moment of the class, recognizing that yoga is not “one size fits all”.
Modifications and variations are always available, options are given for varying levels of difficulty.

My Flow and Restore class offers a beautiful blend of flowing postures, and attention to alignment of body mind and spirit. A breath centered flow to strengthen your body, bring awareness and flexibility. The first 50-55 minutes of class will focus on movement, strength and heat building leaving the end of class for restoring poses with the extra comfort of props and time to de-stress and relax.

My intention is to guide students into deeper awareness and connection to themselves and their bodies.
Awareness, breath and connection are a main focus as I believe that is the core of our asana practice.
I intend for students to leave class feeling more open and solid in themselves.

With each class and each group of students there is a new set of needs and desires. I hope to meet each class and each student with what serves them best at that time.
This is always a great collaboration. I hope to offer opportunities to grow outside our limits be that physically or mentally.
Yoga is a practice that becomes an old friend, an exploration of newness and of the places we feel great comfort and joy in our bodies.

Wendy’s teaching technique is inspiring, engaging and invigorating creating a wonderfully balanced blend of flow that has made me a regular in her class for years.
Thank You Wendy!
-Tom Sager

Wendy’s classes stand out because I am guaranteed to gain strength and endurance as well as flexibility and peace. She offers varying levels of asanas from easier to harder and is so encouraging of me to test what I think of as my limits – and most of the time I learn that I can go past them! Wendy laughs easily, and her good sense of humor brings a sense of lightness to the room and forges connection between her and her students.

Wendy knows the true goal of yoga and consistently sets aside the longest time for shavasana of any teacher I’ve gone to. Her advice for meditation tools and to use yoga for spiritual connection and have stuck with me in life outside of the yoga classroom.
-Erika G.