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Carolina Rivera

Yoga Teacher

Carolina teaches: flow, gentle

Teacher Introduction

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Throughout the almost ten years that yoga has been in my life, the relationship we’ve had has been ever-evolving.

I first tried yoga at fifteen in a PhysEd class in school. Even though it wasn’t exactly love at first sight, I started to occasionally accompany my sister to the classes she would go to nearby. Something that seemed impossible at first became a source of power for me, and so I began to regularly practice by eighteen. Beyond the workout, which is what pulled me in, this practice started to offer me mental and emotional freedom.To practice yoga is not just to exercise and repair, but also to learn. It’s liberating to gain deeper control through that knowledge. Completing my 200 hour training in 2013 with Stray Dog Yoga Studio, I began teaching right away and have been ever since; it’s grounding force that has kept me enticed all along.

As a teacher, I like to emphasize intentions that bring us toward our potential; cultivating the control our bodies have as we move through dynamic, yet intentional sequencing and sly transitions. When our days are stuffed to the brim with rushing and things we can’t control, it’s empowering to be able to come to your mat and see how much you can slow things down and move mindfully.


Sunday mornings with Carolina are like a hug that lasts through the entire week.  Carolina’s gentle class offers those with trepidation about yoga a sense of confidence and courage to show up and accept our practice exactly as it is or to gently nudge ourselves to our edge.  No matter if you are new to yoga, healing from an injury or a yogi master, Carolina’s class has something to offer.  In her gentle and effervescent way, Carolina guides her students to explore movement and breath to maximize health of body, heart and spirit.   Carolina encourages us to set intentions to carry us through the class and our week reminding us of the value of self-care for ourselves, our families and community.

-Laura H.

Video - Introducing Carolina

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