Carlos Bracuto

Carlos Bracuto

Yoga Teacher

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Teacher Introduction

Yoga Teacher - Both Studios

Carlos is a Certified Yoga Teacher, Fitness Trainer and Internal Martial Arts Instructor. He began his formal Mind-Body exercise instruction two decades ago in the martial arts field, studying and training with amazing teachers such as Marcela Rodas (tai chi chuan and qigong), Grandmaster Chen Zenglei (tai chi chuan), Master Nelson Ong (tai chi chuan and qigong), and Shaolin warrior monk Zheng Hongfeng (Shaolin kung fu and Yi Jin Jing qigong), among others. He is a graduate of Rogue Community College, where he received the fitness trainer certification in 2014, and where he is currently working as a fitness teacher. In 2017 he received his Yoga Teacher certification after completing the Ashland Yoga Center’s Teacher Training program.

Carlos teaches Cardio Kickboxing, Total Fitness, Tai Chi, and Core & Cardio classes at Rogue Community College, and Health & Fitness classes for Southern Oregon Mind-Body Outreach Program, as well as yoga classes and qigong series at Ashland Yoga Center.

He also teaches regular Self-Defense for Women workshops, martial arts sword and broadsword forms, and therapeutic movement for seniors and people recovering from injuries or surgery.

In his yoga practice, he incorporates some aspects of contemporary fitness, as well as internal energy circulation for building physical strength from the inside out, cleansing and invigorating internal organs for optimal bodily functions, and strengthening the immune system to prevent disease.

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