Carlos Bracuto

Carlos Bracuto

(541) 601-3503

Carlos is a Certified Yoga Teacher, college-graduate Fitness Trainer, and Certified Advanced Qigong Instructor and Internal Martial Arts teacher. He began his formal Mind-Body instruction more than two decades ago in the martial arts field; he then trained in yoga, cardio kickboxing, HIIT, and other fitness modalities.

Carlos teaches cardio kickboxing, tai chi, qigong and core & cardio individual and group classes, as well as yoga classes and qigong series at Ashland Yoga Center, Ashland Hot Yoga and Court House Family Fitness.

He also teaches regular Self-Defense for Women workshops, martial arts sword and broadsword forms, and therapeutic movement for seniors and people recovering from injuries or surgery.

In his yoga practice, he incorporates some aspects of fitness science and physiology, as well as internal energy circulation for building physical strength from the inside out, cleansing and invigorating internal organs for optimal bodily functions, and strengthening the immune system to prevent disease.

His classes are based on mind-breath-body harmony and coordination, with emphasis on proper alignment, uninterrupted awareness, chi circulation and core strength.