Bridget Nau


Bridget Nau

Teacher Introduction

Yoga Teacher - Both Studios

Bridget was introduced to yoga with a hot Vinyasa class about 5 years ago. Even though she felt overwhelmed with being thrown into a more advanced class, something clicked as she craved the post-class sensation. For about 3 years, Bridget had taken many classes and developed a strong home practice as an outlet for her creative expression and self-love. She graduated from training at her home studio in Altamonte Springs, Florida a year and a half ago, using that time as emotional therapy with no intention of teaching. However, she started teaching at the beginning of last summer and with every class she teaches, she gets a stronger clarification that this is her life’s calling. Bridget is a last semester senior, receiving her Bachelors in Psychology in May. With reverence for science, she finds the Yogic practice highly respectable as a science of life. Because of her personal experience with the mental health effects of yoga, she ultimately wants to incorporate her knowledge from school and yoga, providing the healing power yoga to the community, especially to people who don’t have the resources to experience the benefits it provides the mind, body, and spirit.

As a teacher, currently, Bridget strives to provide the service of guiding her students through mindful movement. She is an advocate of self-compassion and giving the body what it deserves, which is only care. Bridget has been in Ashland for year now and is delighted to serve its community with the healing power of yoga.