Aneka Davidson

Aneka Davidson

Yoga Teacher

Aneka teaches: Buti

Teacher Introduction

Yoga Teacher - Siskiyou Studio

Originally from the Northeast, Aneka moved to the West coast in 2010, and never looked back. In the summer of 2017, she made Ashland her home. She has two young children, loves to plant gardens, be out in nature, and swim in the ocean. She grew up doing ballet, then later gravitated towards bellydancing as a means of self expression. In her practice, she is able to blend both of these with traditional yoga postures and plyometrics. A dancer and self taught yogi, she has always made staying flexible a priority in her life. Fitness, however, was never really a huge interest until she was introduced to Buti Yoga shortly after the birth of her second child. She was initialy trying to lose excess baby weight, but ended up gaining so much more. Buti is more than just an exercise modality – it is a strengthening practice, backed by a supportive tribe of women (and men!) who build each other up, rather than tearing each other down. It teaches healthy eating practices through elimination of inflammatory and processed foods, promotes body positive affirmations, and gives genuine self confidence. Buti proves to people that they can throw out their scale, instead relying on the real judge – yourself. How do you FEEL – inside and out? It is less about losing weight and more about gaining strength – physical and mental – while healing yourself from within. Buti utilizes the Spiral Structuring technique, working the core to its maximum potential. It is hip opening, heart opening, and full of fun energy. In February of 2018, Aneka fulfilled a longtime goal and completed her first 200 hour RYT training, becoming a certified Vinyasa, Buti and Hot Buti instructor. She is eager to study and practice more forms of yoga, and hopes to do more trainings in the future.

*Buti is geared mainly towards women, but is all-inclusive, and does not discriminate on age, sex, or body type. Come as you are, and wear comfortable clothing that you can move in. Having a pre-existing knowledge of yoga poses is helpful, but not necessary. Participants should be aware that this is a physically strenuous practice, and that no props are used. Please remember to come hydrated and bring water.