Class: Sound Bath

Sound Healing Classes Monthly on Saturdays at 7 pm

We perceive sound with every cell of the body. Come and immerse yourself in the healing vibration of sound therapy through the Gong and Singing Bowls. These are ancient and sacred instruments of healing, rejuvenation, and transformation. We will do some simple Kundalini Yoga and breathwork, but most of the class will be a full relaxation to allow the sound vibration to wash over and through you.

Benefits of Sound Healing Therapy:

Reduces stress and anxiety

Strengthens the nervous system

Balances the chakras, increases prana

Works deeply on the mental, physical and spiritual bodies

Quiets the mind, cutting through the clutter of the subconscious

Promotes stillness and well-being

Aids the immune system

  • Open to all levels
  • Hearing impaired will also benefit from the sound vibration
  • Please turn hearing aids off for the Gong
  • Class is both Gong and Singing Bowls
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