Class: Aquarian Sadhana

What is Sadhana?
Sadhana happens every Monday at 4:30 am at Ashland Yoga Center’s A Street location.
Sadhana means a daily spiritual practice. It is a conscious activity where we cleanse the subconscious. Yogi Bhajan on sadhana: “You do it to conquer your laziness, your ego, your stupidity, with your essence of commitment. That’s all sadhana is. We don’t do it to get anything.” Yogi Bhajan on Group Sadhana: “Group consciousness in morning sadhana is to help each other. If in this whole group, one person opens up to God just once, we will all be blessed in his openness. That is what matters. If one has walked into sadhana with heart and soul in a prayerful mind, we will all benefit. That is the power of the group sadhana. All should participate.” What to expect There will always be a person who leads sadhana. Please note, leading is very different from teaching yoga.
4:30am Chant Japji, a Sikh prayer
5:00am Kundalini Yoga Kriya followed by brief relaxation 6:00am Begin Aquarian Mantras (mantra sheets will be available)
6:30 -6:40 am End
We start promptly at 4:30am. If you are late, just come in quietly and get yourself settled. You can join sadhana at any time. Frequently Asked Questions (answered by Yogi Bhajan) What is the greatest reward of doing sadhana? The greatest reward of doing sadhana is that the person becomes incapable of being defeated. Sadhana is a self-victory and it is a victory over time and space. If I have to leave sadhana, what is the best way? The same way you entered. Be aware of the presence of the teacher by bowing in your consciousness. Be quiet so nothing is disturbed. Chose a time to leave that is between kriyas and meditations. Should I wake someone up who is sleeping in sadhana? No. God should wake him. The experience of sadhana is between the individual and God. Do not interfere. It is our intention of course to stay alert and awake during sadhana. Sadhana is a willful effort to prove you are not lazy about your own Infinity. When I am sick, should I attend sadhana? If you are going to be in bed all day with an extreme sickness, then no. If it is not extreme, then attend sadhana and do what you can. I can only spare one hour for sadhana. Will one hour have any effect? Always do some sadhana no matter how short, because every effort of the individual mind to meet the Universal Self is reciprocated a thousand-fold. Is it important to wear a head covering during sadhana? During sadhana, be sure to cover your head with a non-static, natural cloth like cotton, and keep the hair up. If this is done, the amount of energy that goes downward from the Seventh Chakra increases tremendously. If the hair is down, unkept, or uncovered so that it is electrically imbalanced, this natural process of raising the kundalini energy will be impeded. Is right after sadhana a good time to take a nap? Right after sadhana is a time to do anything – even to eat ice cream. Right after sadhana do whatever you want. What is God’s, give to God through Sadhana. Take what you take during the rest of the day – it is your day. Questions? Email Emmy at or Lindsey at